Monday, October 21, 2013

The Flame Buzz Party

Hosted by M PaxStephen TrempChristine RainsC M Brown
Twitter hashtag: #W4WS
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Writers4Writers is an awesome network of supportive authors using social media to promote others and their books. I'm one of today's featured authors. Please be sure to visit the other featured author, Alex J. Cavanaugh.  

My second book, Protector of the Flame, officially releases tomorrow. 

I’ve learned from others to make this as easy as possible for those willing to help today.

Simply copy and paste one or more of the below to Facebook or Twitter:

New #PNR Protector of the Flame, #Book 2 Kindred Chronicles by @IsisRushdan. 4 Stars Romantic Times #W4WS

“He was her love, her life, and he had the power to tear her apart with his bare hands.” Protector of the Flame, win copy #W4WS

“This series will mushroom into a paranormal lover’s frenzy.” ~Night Owl Reviews. Protector of the Flame #W4WS

“He was a dangerous pleasure, a delicious addiction. And she couldn’t get enough of him, even if it could cost her life.” Protector of the Flame #W4WS

“A complex tale that deftly weaves mythological & paranormal elements” ~Romantic Times, Protector of the Flame,

A huge thank you to the hosts of Writers 4 Writers and to everyone helping me spread the word about my latest book. You guys rock!


  1. Tomorrow - that's awesome, Isis!!! Happy to share the day with you.

  2. Congrats on the release of book two, Isis!

  3. Congratulations on your release tomorrow! Awesome news! Good luck with your W4WS day today. :)

  4. Exciting times! I've scheduled some tweets. Let me know if you want to guest on my blog sometime. :)

  5. Congrats on your new release!! And enjoy your W4WS day. Will tweet now. :)

  6. Good luck with everything Isis! I'll be Tweeting throughout the next few days.

  7. Congrats on your book- it sounds trully awesome! Featured you (and Alex) on the blog today and will be tweeting your posts throughout the day!

  8. Congrats on your new release, Isis! Just came by to pick up some tweets :)

  9. Just discovered you today, Isis! Your Kindred Chronicles are right up my mythological alley! Must read these!! Congrats:)

  10. Happy W4WS Isis! Hope your new book is a huge success.

  11. I hope you get a ton of promotion and sales today!

  12. Hope you have a great W4WS day! Off to do my share.

  13. Congratulations, Isis. I gave you a shout out on my blog!

  14. Congrats, Isis! I have tweets scheduled for you. :)

  15. Sharing yours and Alex's link via Google +. Wishing you both every success!


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