Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Slogging Through A Swamp

My pregnancy brain is in overdrive these days. To remember anything, I have to write everything down. It’s so bad, I’ll walk from my bedroom to the kitchen and forget why I went by the time I get there. Was I hungry? Thirsty? Did I feed the dogs? Oh yeah, needed to take my prenatal vitamins before I forgot. On a good day, it’ll take me two minutes to slog through the swamp of my mind to remember. On a bad day, it can take much longer.

Sticky notes are my key to survival. It’s the only way I make deadlines, appointments and succeed at accomplishing anything non-routine. For every day sort of things, like taking vitamins, I have to make it a habit. Sticky notes have a short shelf life for me. After a few days, my eyes glaze over the same note and by day seven it might as well not even be there.

Thankfully my mind has a couple of safety zones. When it comes to my son or plot details for a story my brain functions perfectly and I feel like my old self. I know my little boy’s schedule inside and out. I even have an internal alarm that goes off every time he needs to potty (we’re going through the dreaded training early, but he’s doing awesome).  As far as writing, my characters are very much alive in my head. They kick, scream and cajole until I get something down on paper for the day.

Time is still an issue and will be for the next couple of years with my little girl due on Thanksgiving. I might forget to feed the dogs or take ten minutes to recall why I entered a room, but at least I know my son and fictional babies are safe from drowning in the swamp of my pregnancy brain.

What is your best multitasking tip? Do you ever have problems remembering items on your to-do list? Are there things you never forget no matter what like birthdays, anniversaries or to feed your beloved pet?

Thanks to Alex J. Cavanaugh for another month of IWSG (Insecure Writers Support Group).


  1. I keep a list. I have menopause brain. Its not far from having pregnancy brain.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  2. I've heard pregnancy takes some of your brain cells away and I believe it!

    Good luck with the potty training, but don't be surprised if the oldest reverts back when the youngest starts getting all the attention. Been there...

    As for multitasking tips? Can't help you there. I have to write everything down or I just won't remember. Routines help the best, though. If I do the same thing everyday, I'm liable not to forget, but take me out of that routine (like, for a vacation), and it's uh-oh time for me! haha!

  3. Ha! Well, that's my normal brain these days too, though I don't have little kids anymore. But you're right, a schedule and sticky notes are the only way to do it. If I don't write stuff down it completely vanishes from my brain anymore.

    And how cool that your daughter is due on Thanksgiving. :)

  4. Oh, Lordy, it's the way my brain is these days as well If it doesn't get written down, it's gone gone gone! And multi-tasking. It's gone the way fax machines have disappeared. Oy!

  5. wow. i still have that and i'm 50, with 2, soon to be 3, teens in the house. good thing they know how to feed themselves.

  6. Isis, I know how you feel. I just had a baby girl in May. I still feel like I have pregnancy brain. I'm trying to get back in the swing of things. My memory has been swiss cheese. Thank goodness for my smart phone.

  7. It's called 'preggers brain' according to hubs. The pregnant mother focuses on what vital to the baby. Lists help a lot. I'm a big list-maker, always. He judges by my two pregnancies. . .

    Good luck - and hang in there.

  8. Im a big fan of lists when i have a lot to tackle in a day. Post it notes seem like a good solution

  9. Now I'm wondering if you can you still have pregnancy brain almost five years after having the baby? :-)
    I feel like that a lot (yesterday, while at work, I would finish something and get ready to move to the next and ask myself "what did I just say I was going to do next?...oh yeah, that's it!") and I think for me, it comes from having a million thoughts in my head and having to juggle so much (family, work, school, writing, etc) So, I have to keep a list to keep everything straight.

  10. At least something is still registering in your brain, right?
    I never remember what I had for dinner the night before. My wife could serve the same thing for a week before I would catch on.
    Working and blogging and watching a movie - that's my multi-tasking skill.

  11. Oh boy I remember those days! I once left the front door of our house open after I left. And one night I left my purse on the hood of my car in the driveway. All thanks to pregnancy brain! Luckily, nothing was ever stolen.And then there were the overactive hormones! Driving home one night I saw a raccoon get hit by a car and I bawled all the way home. lol
    ((hugs)) to you mama bear!

  12. I remember having baby brain when I returned to work a year after my baby was born. It sounded like I forgot how to speak English (or any coherent language). Very embarrassing when you're a drug rep. :)

  13. Google calendar is saving my life right now! And my youngest baby is 15 years old...wish I could tell you it was going to get better...

  14. Lol sticky notes are my saving grace. As with the notepad on my phone.

  15. love your fun spin on the brain function loss we moms all suffer!
    i know the sticky notes lose their potency, thats when i re evaluate them. i have a calendar and lists. need my color coded clalendar pinned on fridge and updated weekly, not just a phone app. 3 active bos to cart around... and squeeze in everything else! hope the last tri & delivery go smoothly!

  16. I have to write EVERYTHING down on a list these days. And I'm far from pregnant.... *sigh* :)

  17. Hi, Isis,
    You crossed my mind just now and I decided to come say hi. I haven't been pregnant in years and my memory is shot. Notepaper and pen are what I live by, when I remember I'm supposed to write stuff down.

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