Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Need Emotional Drano

*This post should have been up two hours ago, but alas I only saved it in drafts and forgot to schedule it.*


Have you ever been so happy that the rest of the world slipped away and nothing seemed more important than the focus of your joy?

If you said no, I pray you experience such bliss someday.

Since the arrival of my son, he has been my primary focus. His smile, his laughter, seeing him crawl (well, it’s more of an Army low crawl on his belly), watching him learn and discover the world, is truly the most amazing thing.

He only naps for 2-3 hours during the day. Three is if I’m lucky. So for eleven hours between dawn and dusk he is my greatest distraction, my ultimate pleasure. Writing has been nearly impossible.

Promoting Kindred of the Fallen and doing some guest blogs hasn’t been easy, but it required different muscles in the brain, so to speak. The creative mojo I use to immerse me in the world of my characters and leave this one behind is blocked.

Perhaps subconsciously my true difficulty is leaving my son behind, even in my imagination.

It would appear that I’m in need of a little emotional Drano to clear out my creative pipes so I can finish Kindred book 3. But to be honest, I know these moments I have with my son are precious and fleeting. All too soon he’ll prefer to hang out with friends than with me or he’ll be off at school where I can’t kiss him and hug him as much as I’d like.

He’s a dynamic little boy with a jovial personality. I’m fortunate I get to witness so much of his development that other parents are forced to miss by working outside of the home.

Of course I worry the longer I allow the clog to remain the bigger it will become and harder to remove, but being blocked by happiness can't be too bad.

What are your fears? Any current struggles? If your world is perfect, sharing can be inspirational.

 Thanks to Alex for another installment of IWSG.


  1. I wouldn't worry. My sons are my greatest accomplishment and that will never change - no matter how many books I write. Enjoy this part of the journey.

  2. Yay for being a mother in love with her son. Post pictures soon please :) Awesome post, Isis.

  3. Isis, your son is more important. He will start giving you more time, and then he'll have front row seats to watching his mother pursue her dream.

  4. I used to write when my little boy took his naps. He would sleep for two or three hours, so it was great. It's so important to be present and there for your son right now, but it's also important to maintain your identity apart from being a mom. It's tough when they're little, though, and everything they do sends you running for the camera. :)

  5. Your post made my heart well. Congratulations on your little guy, Isis. Nothing in this world is more important than our children—Alex summed it up beautifully.

    ~VR Barkowski

  6. He sounds a whole lot more important than writing and you expressed it well. Before you know it, he'll want to do his own thing and leave you more space than you want or need. Enjoy the time and get the writing in when you can. When he gets to the stage when he's not demanding every minute of your time, you'll have more time to write.

  7. Kids will do that to you. Mine sure did it to me!

  8. Sweet post. Time will go by so fast. And the words will add up even if you just write a little here and there.

  9. Your baby is beautiful. And they do grow of 5 here. Do what you can. I wrote the first chapter to Secondhand Shoes in 98, stuffed it in the closet, wrote notes here and there...and then in 2008 I sat my butt in a chair everyday for two to three hours and wrote.

    God knows when its right to write.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  10. Enjoy every minute with him. You think you know how fast the time will go by but it will still sneak up on you.

  11. Nothing is more important than those moments you spend with your son. I know I enjoy those moments too and my son is 17. Writing can wait.

  12. Wow I didn't know you just had a baby! Congrats! Everything else in the world can wait. Those moments are so special and that joy is insurmountable. Relish it.
    Creativity will always come back to you. Like riding a bike. Enjoy your new bundle!!

  13. This post only tells me that you have your priorities in order.