Monday, October 22, 2012

Book Release Shout-out & Fall Lineup

Congratulations, Laura Eno, on the release of Wish The Awakening, a YA Dark Fantasy!

Most residents of Pine Hill shy away from seventeen-year-old Lelah without knowing why. It's the Djinn magic surging through her blood. She lives in a world where wishes are really curses, dark power meant to twist and deceive in unimaginable ways.
When a fit of temper exposes Lelah for what she really is, she must flee to a sanctuary only whispered about, before her family is exposed and enslaved by their ancient enemy. What she discovers is a treacherous path filled with power, lies, and betrayal – a path that's destined to ensnare her and destroy a civilization.

I'm wishing you many happy sales.

Fall Lineup

Now that I'm living back the USA, I was tickled purple (I'm not big on pink) to check out the new fall lineup. There are a ton of sparkling new shows and most of them have been suspiciously dubbed #1 New Drama or #1 TV Show. It makes me wonder who exactly is handing out these titles.

As a new mom, I'm short on time so I have to be selective about what I watch on DVR once the baby is down for the night and I've met my word count for the day.

666 Park Avenue

The premise is obvious, but I'm up for devilish fun. With Terry Quinn and Vanessa Williams I really wanted to like this show. It just didn't strike the right balance of wit, sexy drama, and intrigue for me. Also, I'm not a fan of random ghosts popping up for shock value.

 This show is campy and the characters are all so extreme it's unrealistic, but surprisingly it's kind of funny. Ellen Barkin's anti-P.C. character is hilarious. Please give her more screen time, and oh how I love her suits.
Sadly, this show is being boycotted because it features a gay couple, but that only gives me another reason to watch it.


Coming from Eric Kripke and J.J. Abrams, thus far, I'm pretty disappointed. It's not a bad show. It just doesn't live up to the hype of being a great show for me. I have so much to say about it I could write a whole post. I have no problem suspending disbelief regarding the overall premise of losing electricity across the globe, but when the writers expect me to suspend my intelligence on a staggering amount of things episode after episode it's insulting. Do you need an example?
Steam power. We started using steam power in the 18th century, yet no one has thought to 15 years after losing electricity. Really?
Also, there are no surprises. (Spoiler alert) The mother who was supposedly dead is actually alive. It's not a surprise when a major TV actress like Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost and V) is playing the role. On the episode where "they lose one of their own", I knew who was going die before watching because it was so easy to deduce. Don't you hate it when you see it all coming? I could go on and on.


I'm not big on country music, unless it has a mainstream feel. BUT I am big on Connie Britton after Friday Night Lights and I am an even bigger fan of smart writing! This show has an excellent cast (Powers Boothe--Wow, he plays a character to be afraid of and has some killer lines), solid writers who were smart enough to make it about more than just music, and musical talent I was delighted to hear.



The commercials made me extremely skeptical to watch this show. So like Revolution, I waited for a few episodes to record on my DVR before trying it. The show grabbed me in the first twenty minutes and has kept me wondering how it will all play out, how it could possibly turn out after the way it started. Darren Franich at PopWatch said, "the premiere steadily accrued in badassery, starting from a relatively straightforward Tom-Cruise-in-Top-Gun swagger and climaxing with a blitzkrieg of sequences that recalled War Games, Apocalypse Now, and the destruction of Alderaan in Star Wars." I couldn't have said it better myself.

Are you watching any new shows this Fall? If so, what and how do you like it so far?




  1. Thank you for featuring Wish! It's exciting to see it here. :)

    I gave up on TV a long time ago. If I liked something, I usually got cancelled.

  2. Hmm...I didn't get cancelled, it got cancelled. I'm still here. :)

  3. Laura's comments are hilarious!
    I don't buy the premise for Revolution either. Gave up after two episodes.

  4. Laura - So glad you didn't get cancelled :).

    Alex - I really expected more from Revolution.

  5. You know, I haven't watched any of these shows. We're so sick of commercials (and politics) that hubby and I watch a lot of netflix.

  6. Congrats to Laura for her release. I see it is making the rounds. Hope to see it splashed all over the blogosphere as it has a great premise.

    I don't have cable (we Netflix shows and movies) and probably won't care to watch much in the way of TV until the next season of True Blood.

  7. Bish - I watch Netflix with my hubby also, but alas he's deployed right now. DVR saves me from commercials and I can watch when I have time.

    Angela - No cable is how we rolled in Europe, lol. I'm happy to have it again for a little bit.

  8. I like The New Normal. Haven't seen the others.

  9. I gave up on Revolution after a couple of episodes. I'm still watching The Last Resort (I like Scott Speedman - he's what drew me in). However, I think this series might have worked better as a mini-series, where there's a definite ending. I'm beginning to wonder how it will all play out for a whole year (or more).

  10. Does it sound bad that I don't know any of these shows.

    I tend to watch DVD tv shows. Right now, I'm working my way through the first season of LOST. But I'm calling it research. :D

  11. I'm watching Elementary - the updated Sherlock Holmes with a female Dr. Watson. I wasn't too sold after the first episode but it grew on my a bit with the second so I'm going to stay with it and see how it develops.

  12. Hi, Isis, I'm not big on TV, so I haven't watched any of these. I do like Crime Drama and my latest find is Luther on BBCAmerica.

  13. Stacy - I had the same feeling about Missing. It was great, but I didn't see it lasting for a season. All of the episodes were entertaining, like watching a mini movie, but I don't see how they could do a second season. I guess I'll see how it all plays out.