Friday, September 14, 2012

From Kindle to Big Screen

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The blog hop referenced above made me wonder what wonderful books were in the pipeline to be turned into movies for 2013 or 2014 (because it will be here sooner than we realize).

After doing a little digging, this is what I found:
Being fast-tracked for possible 2013 release.

This one already has a nice cast shaping up!
Looks like an August 2013 release date.
Screenplay written so far.

Will probably see this Stiefvater book on screen before Shiver. 
Even has a movie poster


Steven Spielberg to direct
Oooooh la la Chris Hemsworth offered the lead

I noticed the majority are YA fantasy novels. Good news for all those writing the genre. 
Are you looking forward to any of the upcoming movies mentioned above? If so, which ones and why? 



  1. I can't wait to see The Host. I liked it more than Twilight, but it's more sci-fi.

    Beauttiful Creatures is a great one, too.

  2. Loved Beautiful Creatures. Haven't read The Host.

  3. The last one has my interest, especially with Spielberg directing.

  4. No surprise. I figured as much Mr. Sci-fi :).

  5. The Scorpio Races is probably one of the best books I read this year. I've already got the casting done in my head if Hollywood needs any help in that department. LOL.

  6. Definitely interested in stuff that makes Spielberg think about directing... although, he did direct A.I. which wasn't that great, so we'll have to see who gets to do the screen adaptation.

  7. The forest of hands and teeth <333 Ohh, that will be amazing!

  8. Hopefully Hollywood will do the books justice! I'd like to add Divergent is filming as we speak also that wasn't listed.
    DeAnna Schultz

  9. What caught my attention is Stephanie Meyers has a new book out that I hadn't heard so much as a peep about.

  10. The Mortal Instruments, Book One: City of Bones. Because when I read it last March, it became my favorite series. :D

  11. I did see something about Divergent, but I didn't have specifics.

    I think I will see all of them :).

  12. I should get out more. I came across the first one as well as the Host and Shiver.

  13. Glad you like This is Belgium and glad to discover your blog !!

  14. I don't love the YA fantasy, but the last one looked especially interesting.