Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Thank you Alex for organizing the Insecure Writers’ Support Group. I’m sure we will all get a great deal out of it, chiefly camaraderie, and hopefully encouragement.

Every artist—writer, painter, dancer, musician—faces adversity, a sea of naysayers, and rejection in the pursuit of their dreams. It’s how we handle the setbacks and what we choose to focus on in our darkest moments of self-doubt that determines if we give in or press forward.

We all hit rough patches. I've had many and I'm sure there will be more to come in my future. A few months ago, I was having a particularly difficult day. You know the kind, where nothing is going right, your muse is M.I.A., you've checked your email inbox for good news at least twenty times and not even your dog thinks you're worthy.

Yup, the nasty doubt monster had attacked, determined to crush my self-esteem. All sorts of crazy things ran through my mind, but my husband recognized my desperate need for a “break” and dragged me to the movies.

Normally, I groan or sigh through the onslaught of annoying commercials that precede the trailers. Then one I’d never seen before came on, totally captivating me, and shifted my mind-set about my writing career for good.

After this 60 second commercial, I felt lighter, happier, and certain of one thing. If I really wanted my dream to be a reality, I had to be Relentless. No matter how long it took. It was the only way.

I was also willing to try that energy drink over Red Bull the next time I needed one.

So I typed up and printed out the narration from the commercial and posted it in my office where I could see it every day. I know everyone will get something different from each IWSG post, but today I wanted to leave you with this:


I have virtues, which others may deem vices.

Virtues which guide me, and together have made me.

I embrace pain, suffering, and sacrifice. And gain strength from obsession.

It is true, they have given me scars which I know will never fade.

But for that I am grateful because they show me what is within me and what is within reach of me.

And through all of this, I live each day without compromise, without regret, and without excuse.

So as I endure the misfortune which lies in my path, I chase down my vision without diversion or retreat.

And in the pursuit of my passions, I’m neither timid nor afraid.

I am Relentless.

I will accept no half measures.

To learn more about the making of the video or the amazing artists of action sports, dance, martial arts, and music featured:

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  1. I love it when, just occasionally, an advert comes on that can actually inspire us instead of making us groan. Words to live by :-)

  2. Nice commercial! Also, love the poem. Keep up the good work and never give up!

  3. Love, love, LOVE this! Yes, relentless is what I will be! Thanks for sharing.

  4. That's a good one. Isn't it amazing how great some commercials are? I just had this epiphany that maybe schools should do inspirational commercials (not about selling drinks) and play them at the beginning of the day. There are all the kids who never get that from a parent or anyone in life. Then I started feeling a little "Clockwork Orange", so I let that go. lol

    You are in inspiration to others, Isis. Keep going.

  5. What a great commercial. I think the word relentless is a great word to use.

  6. Thank you so so much for sharing, both the commercial and your thoughts. So inspirational and beautifully expressed. Thank you for showing that there are secret messages in everyday life - if we just look out for them.

  7. Sarah ~ I was shocked a commercial could be so powerful.

    Miranda ~ Never give up, words to live by.

    Em-Musing ~ Glad it resonated with you!!

    Brinda ~ Lol! I still think it's a good idea, just without the big brother is watching feel :).

    Clarissa ~ Some like persistent, but I'm really feeling the Relentless vibe.

    RegectedRiter ~ So happy that I met you and getting to bond with you in the virtual world :).

  8. Nice, and so very true! You have to pour your whole heart and soul into it and not give up if you truly want to make it. What an awesome inspiration! :-)

  9. Oh, that is a great commercial. I'm not an energy drink gal (unless you count coffee) but that drive and obsession really do make the difference, I think. Great inspiration!

  10. That's perfect - so funny to find inspiration in the text of a commercial.

  11. This is fabulous. Thanks for sharing your inspiration with us.

  12. I like the thought of being relentless in pursuit of goals. Otherwise, we won't get to our planned destination. Thanks for this bit of inspiration.

  13. Great post Isis, and I can see how that commercial inspired you... that's a visual and verbal piece of poetry.

    "in the pursuit of my passions, I’m neither timid nor afraid.

    I am Relentless.

    I will accept no half measures" Love that!

  14. A very inspiring blog! Pain and acarifice are just a part of the game, so might as well embrace them and become better from the trials and tribulations we go through. best wishes to you and your success!

  15. Crystal ~ When I saw that commercial, it truly spoke to me.

    Hart ~ I haven't had an energy drink in years and I'm a recovering java junkie. Funny where you can find inspiration sometimes.

    Tonja ~ Completely unexpected :).

    Alysia ~ Glad you got something out of it.

    J.L. ~ After seeing it, I realized I couldn't let anything stand in my way.

    Doralynn ~ I thought it was so cool!

  16. I love how life gives us answers when we need them, especially when it happens in unexpected ways. Being relentless in writing is essential. Thanks for sharing!

  17. That is an awesome commercial. Wish more would be motivational like that.

  18. Hi Isis,
    Where did you find this commercial? I love it! It doesn't really make me want to drink it, (I don't like energy drinks) however, the words themselves energize me to keep on writing. "Gain strength from obsession", really apply to me. ;) Thanks for sharing it!

  19. Beautifully said, yes we must be relentless! That's awesome that something so completely random inspired you. I love it!

  20. Wow, what a commercial. Such great words. I'm going to have to copy them into a word document, so I can read them over and over. Thanks, Isis.

  21. It's funny how inspiration comes at unusual times isn't it? Even while watching a commercial. I'm going to go buy an energy drink now.

  22. Relentless, and an energy drink :) Inspiration in high gear. Thanks for sharing!

  23. That is awesome. I've never seen it. The words were so powerful.
    Thanks for sharing that. I'm printing it out now.

  24. This is GREAT! Awesome video. Thank you, Isis!

  25. Most excellent. As writers, we have to be relentless.

  26. Rock on Isis!

    I too...shall be RELENTLESS...

    Thank you for a well-timed post :)

  27. Chipper ~ You said it perfectly!

    Patricia ~ Wouldn't that be nice if more were like that.

    Claudia ~ I saw it in a movie theater :).

    Heather ~ It was such a pleasant surprise for me.

    M Pax ~ You're welcome.

    Kirsten ~ Lol! It's incredible how inspiration can come from anyway.

    Siv ~ You never know where inspiration could come from.

    Heather M. G. ~ Be sure to hang where you can see it every day :).

    Mart ~ You're welcome. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Carol ~ Essential to success.

    Savannah ~ Woo-hoo!

  28. That's a cool commercial and a great message. We can't get through it without suffering anyway - might as well grow stronger.
    And I'm sure your dog does not hate you!

  29. Yeah, I could use an injection of that right now! Good stuff. :)

  30. I love this, wonderful words, thanks for sharing!
    I remember this feeling when I finally got the Saxophone Id craved for 10 years on my 18th birthday. The pain in my lips when practising, but the wearing it like a badge of honour! Now I need to apply this to my writing - thanks!

  31. Got a big old rejection today from the editor that I just knew would be THE ONE, so this couldn't have been better timed. Thanks, Isis. I was already determined. Now I'm determined to be relentless!

  32. Alex ~ I know my dogs don't hate me, but there are those days when I wonder what they'd say if they could talk.

    L.G. ~ If only we could bottle it.

    Laura ~ Sounds like you have the experience to help you through this. Write on!

    Bernadette ~ Determined to be relentless! Love it.

  33. Thank you for this, Isis. It's really uplifting and helps when the clouds get too thick to think.

  34. I love this! Thank you so much for sharing it. I definitely needed it right now. :)

    I'm back to work!

  35. THAT is awesome. I love that your husband's the one who brought you to it.

  36. I love that you realized you are relentless. It's an excellent virtue to have in the world of publishing. :)

  37. Very inspiring commercial- Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

  38. Relentless. Now that's a word that works brilliantly.

  39. Great ad. I'm glad you had it written so I could catch all the words.

  40. Ok, I'm seriously wowed by this and commercials usually don't have that effect on me. Very inspirational - thanks for sharing!

  41. Oh, this is scarily powerful!


  42. Dude I have never been so inspired by a commercial in my entire life. Thank you.

  43. Thank you so much for sharing this! It is inspiring and a great reminder! I am printing out these words and putting them on my mirror, fridge, computer!
    WE all need to be reminded~ :D

  44. Awesome. Very good reminder and good inspiration! I'm a new follower to your blog. I am part of the support group! I'm a little late to the commenting party but better late than never. Great post!

  45. Marlena ~ Happy you found some encouragement.

    Mallory ~ You're welcome!!

    Nicki ~ He's a good guy. I'm quite lucky.

    Alleged ~ I realized I had no choice if success was my goal.

    Summer ~ Thought we could all use a boost.

    Lynda ~ It really does.

    Susan ~ Seeing the words has a different effective, more profound for me.

    Liz ~ I know, right?

    Denise ~ Months later, I'm still thinking about it. What a great ad.

    Sommer ~ I thought it was impressive also.

    Ella ~ We need to be reminded every day.

    Caledonia ~ So glad you liked it!

  46. thank you Isis - what a crafted piece - Alex gets it at top, but we get right into YOU -- thank you also for commenting on my IWSG post and for donating the word RELENTLESS to my vocabulary!!

  47. Hi Isis! Sorry it took me so long to get over here... but so glad I did! I love that you typed those words out for us... I'm copying them right now!!
    Love your name btw! :)

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