Wednesday, September 14, 2011

If I Could Be Anyone, I'd Be...

Today I’m helping my friend Talli Roland celebrate the release of her second book, Watching Willow Watts.

One country girl is about to discover that fame can cost a fortune.

She’s having a fun launch party and has asked other bloggers to join in by playing the 'If I Could Be Anyone, I'd Be...' game. This was a hard one for me because I like being me. I don’t want that to sound narcissistic. It’s just that since I can’t change who I am, I’ve learned to love and accept all of me. However, I would love an inside glimpse into the lives of a few celebrities…but I digress.

On with the game. If I Could Be Anyone, I’d Be Isis. No, I’m not cheating. I’d want to be the Egyptian goddess. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Not the version from the 1970’s live action TV Show. I’m too young to remember the Isis/Shazam hour, thankfully.

I’d want to be the much cooler version. The one with wings and magic and worshipped by millions.

A gal can dream, right?

In the spirit of celebration, I’d like to thank Jessica McKendry, Angela Orlowski-Peart, and Julie/Kineticwriting for giving me the Versatile Blogger Award. Also, I’m happy to receive the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award from Jessica McKendry and Cherie.

The rules are:

1. Thank and link to the person who nominates you
2. Share seven random facts about you
3. Pass this award to five new blogging friends
4. Contact and congratulate the awarded bloggers

Although I was recently tagged and gave ten random facts about myself last week, if you can stomach any more of me, here you go:

1. When I was seven years old, my aunt Gloria dragged me into the living room, pulled out a stack of records and declared it was time to start my dance lessons. She explained that my mother had no rhythm and was a horrible dancer. Apparently it was mortifying for my aunt to go to parties with “the only black woman in the world with no rhythm.” My aunt feared I might have the same “genetic defect” and swore I would learn how to dance.

2. I love sardines. People who know me are often surprised to learn this. I guess it’s because I’m an uber foodie and quite particular about what I eat.

3. Although I attended training on Army bases, I was never stationed on an Army base. I lucked out big time! I was stationed on the Naval Training Center in Orlando, FL.

4. I almost drowned on a school field trip when I was very young. The experience of being submerged underwater, unable to get out, stays with me today, but didn’t scare me. My aunt, yes Gloria again, who was there as a chaperone, traumatized me once I was out of the water. Now, I have hydrophobia, but love being near the ocean.

5. I attended mandatory swim training for one year while in Orlando, as a part of the mission requirement attached to my unit. Due to my mental hang-up, I still can’t swim. Didn’t even learn to float. I think I need therapy to overcome this.

6. I graduated high school at sixteen.

7. My transition from being enlisted in the Army to being an officer in the Air Force was sort of like watching The Wizard of Oz. One minute, everything is in black and white, and you’re stuck in Kansas. Then the world becomes a bright, colorful place and you’re skipping down the yellow brick road, singing.

I'm passing this on to:

Regected Riter
Stacy Coles
Angela Brown
Brinda Berry
K.T. Hanna


  1. Ohh, very nice choice. Love that Egyptian Goddess! I just edited a chapter with a murder at one of her temples.

  2. I love the first one, I wish I'd had an auntie do that for me :-)

  3. What a great choice! Enjoy the launch party. *passes cake*

  4. I'd love to be an Egyptian goddess! Particularly as my other half is Egyptian, straight from Cairo. I'd make quite an impact!

    Thanks so much for taking part!

  5. Nothing wrong with wanting to be you or the other Isis, it's not narcissitic, just smart. I ditto that motion. And congrats on the awards! I've learned more about you in the last couple weeks than I know about a lot of people. Have a good one! :)

  6. Miranda ~ How cool.

    Sarah ~ I lucked out in the auntie dept also.

    Rebecca ~ Cake is good.

    Talli ~ Wow, I didn't know that about Mr. TR. You'd make an impact indeed.

    Laila ~ I figure since I stuck being me, better learn to enjoy it.

  7. Oh, I like the Isis with cool wings, too! And love your random facts. :)

  8. I love the idea of being Isis with the wings and the magic. Being worshipped by millions would be okay too. :)

    Love your random facts. I had a nightmare experience in water too that's stayed with me ever since. I love being near or on the water ... I still feel uneasy *in* it.

  9. Thank you for the award :D

    Isis? I love Egyptian mythology - always have. I commend you on your choice - and congrats to your friend for release!

    Also, water? I adore water - I was born in Australia, I think I could swim before I could walk lol. I can't imagine not loving it.

  10. You're very welcome for the award! And you were in the ARMY??!!! I'm not sure why that's so surprising but wow! So cool!

  11. #1 -too funny. I'm in my sister's Zumba exercise/dance class and have performed many un-Beyonce like movements. I hope you have a lot more rythmn than I do. #2- I love sardines cooked in a little soy sauce. #6- quite impressive. Thanks so much for the blog award!

  12. Congrats on your awards! And awesome choice of who to be!

  13. I love mythology and Isis is actually one of my favorite goddesses. Great choice!

    Congratulations on your beautiful award.
    Oh, I like sardines too.

  14. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS you totally deserve those awards like whoa. You deserve like a BEST BLOGGER EVER award...all of them, just, just take them all.

    Secondly, THANK YOU, you have no idea what an honor it is to receive an award from someone you really, really, genuinely admire. It means so much to me and I thank you a million times over.

    Also, I love when you do the lists about yourself- you always come up with something awesome to say.

  15. I'm kinda embarrassed to admit I do remember the whole Isis/Shazam shebang. A goddess is a great choice, and I think your name is super-duper awesome.

    I'd like to meet your Aunt Gloria. She sounds like quite a character. :D

  16. I enjoyed your random facts too, Oh mighty Isis! lol! Gotta love those wings. :-)

    I can't do this on my blog since I'm booked solid, but i did put my answer on Talli's blog.

    Sia McKye's Thoughts...OVER COFFEE

  17. OMG! My mother forced me to learn to polka in our living room at about that age too. I've actually never tried a sardine, but now with your vote of confidence, I will give them a go. Great answers!

  18. Having wings and being worshipped could have its upside but I'm confused about the Isis/Shazam hour (which I fear I don't rememberber). I thought Shazam was the magic word that turned Billy Batson into Captain Marvel.

  19. I remember that show! Watched it as a kid. And sorry you still can't swim.

  20. You're a mustang :)

    My dad taught us to eat sardines and peanut butter together on a cracker. I still like it - LOL.

  21. Number 1 on your list still has me tickled to death. Such an awesome aunt :-)

    I got in a little late on the "If I could be anyone" blog-a-bration, though I commented on Talli's blog. I chose Bruce Lee. Waaaaah! Roundhouse kick.

    Now about the awards, I'm so humbled. I've been smiling for the longest. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  22. Congratulations on the award! And to your picks!

    That Isis/Shazam thing might leave permanent scars on my brains, but I think I'm going to YouTube it just to see what exactly it was.

    I wish I had your Aunt Gloria around to teach me to dance! Thirteen years of professional dancing lessons has not corrected the genetic defect of two left feet.

  23. I was a kid but I remember it. :) Love the random facts and congrats to the winners.

  24. Isis is a great and unique choice!!! Love her!

  25. I used to watch that show when I was a kid. I used to pretend I was Isis and my brother was Shazam.

    Congrats on your awards!

  26. Anything from the 70s Saturday morning shows was cheesy and campy LOL! Isis is a good one. She can fly, so that's really cool!

  27. Dream big or go home? Seriously awesome pick. I don't want to sound narcissistic either, but I enjoy being me too much to be anyone else too.

    Not sure I'd want to permanently be a goddess instead either, maybe for a month, or until all the power and deity drama gets old?

    Found you by way of AG's blog~

  28. Wonderful choice - Isis is one of my favorite goddesses. That television show just got added to Netflix instant, and I've been meaning to watch it. I'm on a cheesy 60s and 70s TV show kick. :D

  29. Hopefully you would be a kind goddess with all of your powers.

  30. Oooh, I love Isis! I would LOVE to be a goddess... Great choice! :-)

  31. Congratulations on your blog awards! Interesting facts. I don't think I read about anyone else liking sardines.

  32. Congrats on the awards!

    It would be cool to be an Egyptian goddess.

    Have a great weekend.

  33. Linda ~ I love the wings.

    Shirley ~ Completely understand that.

    K.T. ~ You're welcome. Don't forget to pay it forward.

    Jess ~ Thanks so much for giving it to me.

    Brinda ~ I've never tried them cooked in soy sauce. Yum!

    Heather ~ Thank you.

    Angela ~ I appreciate you giving it to me :).

  34. Regected Riter ~ That was so sweet, you almost made me cry. Thanks, buddy.

    Christine ~ Thanks!

    J.L. ~ My family is full of "characters".

    Sia ~ I need to check out your answer.

    Julie ~ What's up with dance lessons at that age? Maybe they think if they start early enough it will stick.

    LD ~ I don't really remember it, but I know that's what that hour of programming was called when I googled it.

    Alex ~ I will learn...someday.

    Carol ~ I can't stand peanut butter. So the combo is a no-go for me.

    Angela ~ Bruce lee is so cool, but I'd have to pass on the untimely death.

    Marlena ~ You are too funny!

    Ciara ~ You're about my age. You really remember it?

    Alleged Author ~ Thanks!

  35. L.G. ~ Who was stronger?

    Stephen ~ Thanks for not thinking I am cheesy and campy, lol.

    Museings~ Happy you found me. Can deity drama ever get old? Well, maybe after a few thousand years.

    Lena ~ Had no idea I could watch it on Netflix. Hmmm.

    Kelley ~ I think it will be hilarious.

    Michael ~ I think I'd start out kind, hit a dark period, then learn the error of my ways and return to the light :).

    Crystal ~ Thanks!

    Kirsten ~ I know, not many people seem to like them.

    Medeia ~ Cool in a terrifying kind of way.