Monday, August 22, 2011

Star Trek Blogest

Thanks Ellie Garratt for organizing the Star Trek Blogfest!

I must be honest with everyone before I get started. I can’t say I’m a Trekkie because I love Star Wars more and it would be a betrayal to Star Warriors everywhere. I can say that I’ve been captivated by all things Star Trek since I watched my first episode on TV. So I couldn’t resist participating in the blogfest. Also, I had a family obligation to sign up since my canine kiddie, Bella, was born with the Star Trek insignia on the back of her head. It’s true.

Okay, here are my top five favorite mix of movies, episodes, and characters in order.

5. Q: Although all beings from the Q continuum are called “Q”, I’m referring to John de Lancie’s character. His capricious temperament and mischievous antics were always so much darn fun I NEVER missed an episode he was in. And let’s not forget, he did introduce the crew of the Enterprise to the Borg. Gotta love him.

4. Uhura: Growing up, black characters on TV were scarce. When I did see one it was usually a guy, not a woman. The Jeffersons was a funny show, but one black woman was a maid. The other was married and didn’t seem to have a purpose other than being the sane balance to her husband. Then I saw Star Trek. Uhura (which means freedom) was beautiful and independent with a career of her own. Her role might have been smaller than some of the others, but seeing her on TV changed my life. No she wasn’t my reason for becoming an officer in the Air Force, but she did inspire many minorities to become astronauts and Nichelle Nichols even participated in the NASA recruitment program. I'm also thrilled they've paired the new Uhura with Spock.

3. Star Trek Movie 2009: I loved seeing old, familiar characters in a fresh, interesting light. Not to mention younger. The alternate timeline was a smart spin to open a whole new universe of stories. I’m extremely hopeful and excited to see where this film series will go. The reason I didn’t rank it higher is because the story was a complete rip-off of The Wrath of Khan. It’s hard to come up with a unique villain and radically novel premise, but the execution lacked the dramatic flair and passionate hook as the 1982 movie. There can be only one Khan and Nero wasn’t nearly as compelling.

2. Star Trek: The Next Generations Season 3 Finale/Season 4 Premiere

There were so many expertly crafted elements woven together to make it extraordinary. The away team was stuck on a devastated planet, Riker had to deal with ambitious Lt. Cmdr. Shelby, and the kicker--the Borg, a presumably undefeatable enemy, invaded Federation space and kidnapped Jean Luc Picard. When Picard stepped toward the screen as the newest member of the Borg, Locutus, it was chilling. Talk about an unbelievable heart-stopping finale! Yet the premiere was just as good. The writers and actors were on fire. The all-time best two parter in my opinion.

1. The Wrath of Khan: This is hands down my favorite Star Trek film and the earliest sci-fi movie I vividly remember. I was told I was taken to see Star Wars IV: A New Hope in theaters, but I was still in diapers and don’t recall it on the big screen. I was so young when I saw The Empire Strikes Back that the scene where Luke kills the Wampa (snow beast) gave me nightmares (seriously) and nearly scarred me for life (just kidding). However, the first Star Trek film was downright boring to me, probably due to my age.

The Wrath of Khan on the other hand seized my attention from the beginning and didn’t let go. What made this movie exceptional was the villain, Khan. Ricardo Montalbán gave such a powerful performance, making the character sympathetic through his pain and venomous hatred of Kirk. At the same time, he was one of the scariest Star Trek villains of all. It doesn’t get much more terrifying than mind-controlling leeches crawling through the victim’s ear. The dynamic past these two strong alphas shared only raised the stakes, increasing the intensity, deep-seated resentment, and hunger for revenge. Remember Kirk screaming Khan's name? And no fan will ever forget the ultimate, poignant sacrifice of Spock at the end.

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  1. Awesome list! I agree with you too! I'm a complete Star Wars fan and always have been! I do love Star Trek too, but Star Wars is and will always be #1 for me :D

  2. Wrath of Khan has always been a favorite.
    People don't realize what a vision Roddenberry had with Star Trek - that first series really broke some barriers.

  3. You can't argue with Ricardo Montalbán.

    And I LOVE the Star Trek insignia on the dog. Brilliant!

  4. I love Star Trek! I was really worried about whether the movie was going to take care of the Star Trek world. Thankfully, I think it did.

  5. Ah yes Uhura. I shudda chosen her too. Love the doggie insignia! :O)

  6. Khan!!!!!

    How cool that your dog was born with the Star Trek insignia on her back. Thank goodness she doesn't have a red coat too. :P

  7. Loved all the Trek series but TNG was my favorite. Favorite recurring visitor - has to be Counselor Troi's mother, Lwaxana.

  8. dog tagged, awesome...
    great list...

    KHAAAAAAAANNNNNN, sorry i had to do it once, and it was here that i did it.


  9. I thought the Abrams & Co. reboot was freakin' awesome; it really gave me a new appreciation for the original series.

  10. Great selections. And isn't Uhura a wonderful characters? Both of them now. Her character was such a role model for women of that day because she was a trained professional. People don't see it now because things have changed so much. I also love that the name 'Uhuru' means freedom in Swahili.

  11. You know, Star Trek and Star Wars kinda fed off each other for a while as one movie came out then the they helped each other in many ways.

  12. You are so so right about Nero being a rip off of Khan. I thought that too... but I still loved it. You prolly know this already, but Whoopi Goldberg had the same inspiration from Uhura, which is why she wanted to be a part of Next Generation series. She said seeing a black woman in a role of importance in the future gave her such hope. I think that's so awesome.
    I love that your dog is a trekkie. lol And I'm with you on the Star Wars love. i see Star Wars as more fantasy and Star Trek more sci-fi but I adore both genres so it really doesn't matter. Both have had such an influence in my life and my imagination. Man, I wanna have a Star Trek movie marathon now!!! :)

  13. OMG. Bella the Star Trek Dog! Loved your choices!

  14. Love the dog pick! And Wrath of Khan is what made me a Star Trek fan.


  15. Fantastic choices. Wrath of Khan has it all, humor, science, pathos. After cruising other Blogfest sites, that movie is a recurring theme in favorites.

  16. Loved your list. And yes, Nero is no Khan, but then no one will ever be.

  17. Jess ~ Star Wars rocked! I've always enjoyed Star Trek, but it's like comparing apples and oranges.

    Alex ~ You are so right about about all the barriers broken!

    Maria ~ I really lucked out with both of my dogs. The mark on the back of her head is like a cherry on a top of the best sundae, if you know what I mean.

    Sarah ~ The movie was truly well done.

    Madeleine ~ There were so many great characters to choose from, but I had to pick Uhura.

    L.G. ~ I didn't even think of it as the Star Trek symbol until my best friends husband came to visit. The dogs were still pups at the time and when he gushed about the insignia on her head, I didn't know why I hadn't seen it before.

  18. LD ~ There were lots of great characters, even the supporting ones that we only saw from time to time.

    Jeremy ~ LOL!!

    Milo ~ It did a great job of infusing many of us with fresh excitement.

    Donna ~ The significance of many things Star Trek related are lost on people today. Such a shame.

    Michael ~ You are so right. They both opened a huge door into the sci-fi world.

    PK ~ I did know that about Whoopi. I read it or heard it when she stared appearing on the show. I thought it was odd at first since she's so much older, but that just goes to show it touched many of us regardless of age. I'm so gearing up for a Star Trek marathon.

    Ellie ~ Am I a bad doggie mom for shamelessly exploiting my dog on this blogfest :)?

    Dan ~ Khan was and is amazing. If they ever bring the character back, they better choose a phenomenal actor!

    Huntress ~ Many chose Khan for all the reasons you stated.

    Wendy ~ Lol. You're so right.

  19. Thanks for your listing, The only thing Star Trek and Star Wars have in common is the SCi-Fi word Star. Both are great, I alwasy follow one marathon with the other. (But Star Trek takes a while) :) Khan has always been my favorite villan

  20. BN ~ The two worlds are very different in great ways. Who doesn't like Khan?

  21. Excellent! I love the insignia on the back of your dog's head. There are a lot of Khan fans out there...he was suave...and that accent. :) I'll never forget Kirk and Uhura's first kiss. It made history. Q and the borg are definitely two or my favorites. :)

  22. Laila, glad we both have so many faves in common. Really enjoyed your post.

  23. I loved Uhura, too. There were so few woman role models on TV back then. And I loved her as much in the new movie, which is awesome. Khan was a great movie, too. The first was a little dull, but it was great to see the gang back together.

  24. Uhura was one of my top picks too.
    I loved seeing the same, yet much younger characters in the new movie. I can't wait for more.

  25. I was so young when The Wrath of Khan came out; I didn't understand it but it scared me to say the least! :) I've always liked the Borg! They are so scary, yet fascinating! I've always wondered why there were never any scrawny Borg--they are all good-looking and buff. ;)

    Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?
    YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!

  26. Clarissa ~ Thanks. Love my baby Bella.

    M Pax ~ I really liked what they've done with the new Uhura. Looking forward to more movies.

    KMckendry ~ Totally agree with you.

    Elizabeth ~ I was young too, but it made such an impression on me. The Borg are so intriguing. I guess they have the power to "shape" the collective :).

    Elizabeth ~ Darkspell looks interesting.

  27. Great choices!

    I'm a huge fan of the original and the new movie too! The castings are so eerily familiar that it's perfect! :)

    Also a huge Next Generation fan too - gotta love Picard!

  28. i like star trek :D
    nice post ;)


    Anyway, now that that's out of my system, I love that you put the new Star Trek movie in your list. I had such a bad geek-out moment when I was watching it in theaters (in the beginning, when random crew member is sucked into space and the sound just drops out from screaming into silence). I thought the people next to me were going to move.

    Uhura is also one of my favorite Science Fiction Epics characters. She really is an inspiration to nearly any woman.

  30. Interesting take on the Star Wars theme. I used to watch as a child. Liked it, but of course, there wasn't a whole lot of stuff to watch then.

  31. You're the first person I've seen say Q all day. I loved loved loved Q.

  32. Bella is so lucky to belong to the Federation! Fantastic post. I loved Q and Wrath of Khan was so terrific. The new movie blew me away. I love the new cast.

  33. oh, great choices all! Especially the borg, whom I completely forgot about it! And Q, he was one of my faves too :)

  34. Hello, Isis. Good to meet you.
    Yes!! The Wrath of Khan! *raises hand to high-five you* I haven't seen enough Khan mentions on this blogfest yet... *grins*
    I'd hate to have to pick between Star Wars and Star Trek; however, I definitely lean toward original casts for each.
    Thanks for posting.


  35. I agree The Wrath of Khan was a great movie. I also enjoy the original episode of Star Trek where Kirk and Khan first met. Uhura was a great character. She was always so in control.

    Thoughts in Progress
    Freelance Editing By Mason

  36. Amy ~ I thought Picard was fantastic and my mom really loved him. I think the new movie series will be interesting.

    Sylar ~ Thanks. I like it too.

    Marlena ~ KHAAAAN! I've watched that clip I have linked to youtube about twenty times. Am I letting my geekdom show?

    J.L. ~ There were a lot of good shows on growing up.

    Libby ~ Yay!! Another Q fan who isn't scared to admit it.

    Belle ~ I'm the lucky one to be the proud dog mom of Federation member :).

    MsHatch ~ That's why they are on my list. If it's unforgettable to me, it had to be mentioned.

    Jimmy ~ You're my first cyber high five :D! Nice to meet you too. I'm shocked I didn't see Khan listed more.

    Mason ~ I didn't see that first episode where Khan and Kirk met until after the movie on a rerun. It only made me want to see the movie again.

  37. Interesting choices. You're right that Q was a fascinating character, thanks in part to how John DeLancie portrayed him. "The Best of Borth Worlds," the season finale/premiere that you selected, was actually the episode that really made me a star trek fan. I caught about fifteen minutes of the season finale, and didn't really understand that the conclusion wouldn't be shown for several months, so I watched a lot of reruns that summer.

    Thanks for warping around the Federation with us.

    If you get a chance, check out a fellow writer's zombie story and help me make him wear an embarrassing shirt next year! It's the ultimate grudge match between social media and the zombies. Details are here:

  38. Hi,

    Great post. I remember the first Star Trek movie being quite dull too. Luckily they kept going.


  39. Oh, that's so cool that Bella has the StarTrek logo on the back of her head! I can't comment on the trekkie stuff, but I do love dogs! :)

  40. I need to get in on this blogfest. What fun. I love Star Trek. I've mentioned it on a few other blogs, but I'm currently watching all the original episodes on Netflix. They're so much fun.

  41. I think Wrath of Khan was one of the best of the original series. Oh, LOVE the new movie. :)

  42. Kelworth ~ I'll check it out.

    Mood ~ Happy to know I'm not the only one who thought the first movie was dull.

    Talli ~ I'm very fortunate to have two awesome dogs.

    Doralynn ~ It's been a blast.

    Ciara ~ The new movie was good, but WoK was great.

  43. Star Trek 2009 is one of my all time favourite films. And I would *LOVE* Q to show up in the reboot universe!

    Hooray for Star Trek! And hooray for being on the same YA campaign team! Nice to meet you ^_^

  44. I see what you mean about Q! Fair enough - can't disagree with your other choices anyway!

  45. I love the insignia on your dog! And the latest Star Trek movie was one of my favorites, too!

  46. Hi Isis. I'm a fellow campaigner in your YA group from Rach's blog. I look forward to getting to know you! :)

    Can I be an equal fan of both Star Wars and Star Trek? >.>

  47. Just stopping in from the campaign to say hi. This is great! So how do you feel about Battlestar Galactica?

  48. Hi! I'm in your campaign group. I like your star trek dog! What an interesting mark. It really makes her special. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

  49. Hey, just stopping by to say hi, I'm in your YA group. Nice to meet you!

  50. Wanted to say hello! We're in the same YA group - it's so very nice to meet you!

  51. Great list! Ricardo Montalban had the best hair as Khan. I'm a campaigner, too, look forward to reading more of your stuff!

  52. Just wanted to thank you for becoming a follower at my place. I appreciate it!

  53. Hi Isis! I'm in your campaign group and just wanted to introduce myself!

  54. Great list. Uhura was in my top 5 as well. After all she had the first interracial kiss on television, which was wonderful.

  55. Isis, I'm swinging by from the Platform-Building Campaign and just wanted to wave hello. Uhura is definitely one of my favorites from Star Trek, and I LOVE that they've paired her with Spock in the new reboot.

    Looking forward to participating in the Campaign with you!

  56. Hi, Isis! I'm in your Paranormal Romance group. Nice to meet you! :)

  57. Patsy ~ Glad you liked Bella's birthmark.

    Miss Cole ~ You're the first from the team to say hi. So nice to meet you, too.

    Simon ~ Thanks. You had me worried :).

    Peggy ~ The latest movie was a lot of fun. Can't wait until the next one.

    Steph ~ Nothing wrong with having equal love for both franchises :).

    Lindy ~ I am a Battlestar Galactica NUT, lol. My husband thought I'd cry when the show ended.

    Kirsten ~ Nice to meet you. Can't wait to get around to everyone's blog and say hi.

    Melanie ~ I appreciate the greeting. The group should be awesome.

    Erin ~ I think we're in a couple of groups together. Nice to meet you.

    Julie ~ You're so right about his hair!

    Bossy Betty ~ Looking forward to more of your posts :).

    Ruth ~ Thanks for the welcome. I appreciate it.

    MsMariah ~ Totally agree with you.

    Jamila ~ Nice to meet you. I'm looking forward to the campaign.

    Carrie ~ Thanks for the intro. I'm not sure if you're the first from PNR.

  58. Hi Isis. I'm not in this blogfest but I like your post. I'm thanking you for your visit and here I am to say hello fellow campaigner.


  59. Oh man, I can't participate because I know nothing about Star Trek and have only seen Wars once or twice.
    Thank you for popping by my blog! Enjoy your blogfest. ;-)

  60. Hey there fellow campaigner!!! I wish I knew something about Star Trek so I could leave a remotely valuable comment, but for now you'll have to settle for a "hello" and glad to be campaigning with you! Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

  61. I more of a Star Wars fan. So, I don't have many Star Trek favorites. Although, I think it's brilliant.
    It's nice to meet you and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  62. Hello there, fellow campaigner! Sadly, I have to confess that I know next to nothing about Star Trek (though I do love William Shatner as an actor). I like your picture of your dog! Incidentally, I used to have a dog named Spike who also had an interesting marking - he had a white dot right snack in the middle of his forehead! Oh, and I like that you were able to find a positive black female role model in Uhura (and how cool is that that her name means "freedom"?). Anyhoo, pleased to meet you and I look forward to campaigning with you! :-)

  63. Hi! I'm a fellow campaigner. :) Just wanted to stop by and say hi. :D

  64. Hi Isis!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm excited to campaign with you! I have to be honest, I haven't watched a lot of Star Trek, but I did like the new movie!

  65. Nothing wrong with liking Star Trek;) I'm a Star wars fan first, but still a bit of a Trekkie. Cool blog:)

  66. Thank you Isis! you have a very beautiful name

  67. Denise (L'Aussie) ~ So happy you found me and like my blog. Thanks for dropping by.

    Jessica ~ Thanks.

    Lindsay ~ Here's to happy campaigning.

    Christine ~ I'm definitely a bigger Star Wars fan :).

    Crystal ~ Hi there again. So happy to connect with you on Twitter as well.

    Danyelle ~ Thanks so much. The campaign should be fun.

    Missi ~ For friendship, not required to be a Star Trek lover

    Mark ~ Thanks and I appreciate you stopping by.

    Mel ~ Aww, thanks so much!