Saturday, April 30, 2011

Love Is In The Air

Here in England, love permeates the air. Neighbors are nice to the point of actual smiles. Laughter and the songs of birds fill the streets. Happy couples are kissing, holding hands, all strolling or lounging under a spring sun so divine it is akin to an embrace. Why?

The Royal Wedding. The love spell woven yesterday has spilled over into the weekend. But this was not simply a “local” event.

The United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Italy, France, and Spain were all caught in the romantic haze of the nuptials in London of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

A British friend of mine asked me if we cared about it in America. Oh boy did we care. I didn’t get into the numerous planned parties across time zones. I simply said, “It will be shown on the JumboTron in Times Square.” That little tidbit nearly knocked her knickers off.

How could we not care? I remember as a child watching Princess Di marry Charles, mesmerized by the pageantry and sheer volume of her dress. Seeing snippets of their lives on television and watching interviews over the years was like checking up on old friends. Well, not quite, but I’m sure most of you understand. Excitement flowed when Princes William and Harry were born and those of us fascinated with the Royals kept tabs on them as they grew up. This wedding was a symbol of love and hope, ushering in what many believe will be a new era of positive change here in Britain.

For those romance writers out there, I hope you took notes. Wills and Kate had all the right ingredients for a love story to tug at your heart. Dashing, wealthy young man who is an actual Prince meets gorgeous commoner who most people think will only end up getting her heart broken. Girl’s heart is broken when the love of her life takes a sobering step away to enjoy his freedom and youth. Did she crumble? Probably, but the important part is that she picked herself up and showed everyone how fantastic and happy she could be without the Prince. Even if it was just for show, you have to admire that kind of chutzpah. Young man realizes he doesn’t want to live life without her, much less the stodgy Royal life without genuine love, and sweeps girl off her feet. Ahhhh!

On the day of the fairytale wedding, Prince William looked so nervous wringing his hands someone should have given him a nip of Scotch or at the very least a sip of bubbly. But the lad had a long day ahead. Kate on the other hand was a paragon of poise and grace. She literally beamed. After the harassment she endured from the press and the cruel opinions of some in the elite ranks, I’m certain she reveled in every second of the day. And rightfully so.

The dress, ceremony, exchanging of the vows, even the far too short but long-awaited kiss on the balcony had a magical vibe that captivated millions.

In a world where we are rarely treated to such a magical event of love and hope, even in a romance novel, I am happy to have spent hours (I’ll never confess how many) indulging in the enchantment of the Royal Wedding.

For those hankering for a touch more sweetness, the recipe for Prince William's specially ordered Chocolate Biscuit groom's cake can be found on Oprah's website.


  1. It was a truly memorable day that brought out the romantic in all of us. Kate's dress was absolutely divine!!! What's her waist size anyway???

  2. T, I wondered the exact same thing. I just want to know what her exercise regimen is lol.

  3. It was very romantic and inspiring. You captured in writing just right, You should have been a commentator for that day. I watched it later on in the day, I couldn't muster the strength to get up that early lol. Her dress was very nice. It made me think about getting married in the future. ^_^

  4. Iesha,

    What I loved the most about it was the actual wedding ceremony lived up to the hype and build-up. I didn't feel disappointed in the least. Well, the kiss could have been better :), but he thank goodness he made up for it with a second one.

    When you find the right guy, your day will come.